This year, International Ride to Work Day is Monday 20 June 2016, Ride to Work Week is 20-26 June 2016. During Ride to Work Week, motorbike and scooter riders around the world show just how enjoyable their daily commute is. By riding to work we demonstrate that life would be better if more people rode motorcycles and scooters every day, with time savings, less congestion and reduced travel costs. Ride with us and commute happy!

Why take part?

If you already commute on two wheels, great

By taking part in National Ride to Work Week you’ll encourage others to Get On too. We’ll also remind other road users that we all share our daily journey to work, and it’s more pleasant if we all look out for one another. And policymakers will see what a vital part of the transport mix motorcyclists are.

Share the fun

It’s a great chance to get a friend into riding. Give them a lift into work on your motorbike or scooter.

If you have a scooter or motorbike but don’t usually use it to go to work

this is your chance to find out just how much time and hassle you could save, and how good it feels to be doing your bit to reduce congestion instead of adding to it. If you start riding to work just one day a week, over the year you’ll save lots of time and cash. If everyone did the same thing, the roads would be that bit clearer.

If you are a new rider

If you’re a new rider and want to start riding more regularly, this is a great opportunity.  Just ‘like’ us on Facebook and leave a message on our wall and we’ll try to put you in touch with a more experienced rider who could be your riding buddy on the day.

Not riding yet, but think it’s a great idea?

Head over to Get On and get some advice on how to start.